Weight Loss

10 Easy Tweaks To Adapt In Your Routine For Losing Weight Faster

weight loss

If your goal is to workout more and lose weight, forget about those dead-lifting workout sessions. Studies showed that instead of going with giant leaps, taking baby steps could be the best way to get lasting results.

A research published in the Annals of Behavioural Medicine discovered that people who made tiny but permanent changes in their physical activities as well as in their food choices helped them lose more than double the weight than they used to lose in diet programs.

When you focus on small changes in your daily routine, you begin to obtain some healthy habits that are proven to last for lifetime, rather than the Go Hard or Go Home formula. People often fail in that because it’s too hard to follow. Therefore, I’ve uncovered here 10 simple steps to help you eat less, move more and look better than ever. The trick here is to inhabit one or two changes in your weekly routine and you can lose about 3 pounds off your waistline. These habits help even better once they become second nature.

  • Pick up a Pen: Attacking a packet of chips mindlessly could easily result in polishing off the whole thing, but writing down and keeping track of what and how much you’ve eaten will help you to lose weight fast. Keeping track helps in two ways: old reality check (oh! I just ate 30 minutes ago) and knowing, what you put in your mouth. Some recent studies even showed that people who kept record of food journal lost double the weight than those who didn’t. And, when they combined this with an exercise plan, they lost around 13 pounds in 6 months.
  • Skip Through TV Commercials: Start moving during your favourite TV shows. Dance, skip, go up & down some stairs or whatever that raises your heartbeats. Do same for each 2 minute commercial for a typical 1-hour TV night. It will help to burn extra calories a day.
  • Get Supplement Support: You know consuming fat loss supplements with combination of exercises can help you lose some extra pounds. There are brands who offer best weight loss supplements which are proven to be helpful in achieving your target weight.
  • Limit Your High Fat Food Intake: Identify the high-fat foods that are your favourites and slowly downshift them. Reduce them to once per week. For instance, if you’re eating six of them in a week, try to go down to five next week. Try to keep dropping one by one until you reach only one or may be two per week. Add some good-for-you foods such as oranges, sautéed broccoli or baby carrots.
  • Walk For 5 Minute More: Dr. Lutes’s Pilot Study showed that increasing daily physical activity for just couple of minutes helps to lose weight faster. Keep in mind to reach minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity a day. This particular tweak will help you burn another 120 calories.
  • Take 10 To Eat a Treat: This strategy is best for reducing cravings. Take out one portion of your favourite treat, take a minute to smell it, look at it for a minute, and think about it. Take one bite, chew it slowly, focus on its taste & texture and swallow it. Ask yourself if that satisfied you or you want to take another bite. If so, repeat the procedure. Continue as long as you want or until you finish the whole.

Dr. Lutes says when you take your time and be more mindful about what something really tastes like, you’ll be more satisfied. The participants for this study told that following this strategy helped them to be able to stop eating when they were satisfied.

Conclusion: Making small changes each week can help to take on the big pounds. Sticking to goals and routines and switching to few of above tweaks will make your weight loss journey more interesting and effective.