Memory lapses can often lead to embarrassing situations. The inability to focus during an important discussion or struggling to retrieve essential information from memory at a critical time can result in anxiety. Similarly, forgetting things that are important can often lead to stress and sometimes even unpleasant situations.

Linking of two or more of the over 100 billion nerve cells that are present within the brain creates a memory.  As a memory is retrieved over time, the connections strengthen, in turn strengthening the related memory.

But in today’s busy and fast paced world, everyone is bombarded with a vast range and volume of information that needs to be preserved and retrieved at the relevant time. There are a large number of things that we all need to memorise and remember on a regular basis. In such cases, memory-enhancing cognitive supplements help tremendously. These cognitive supplements like Neurostim extracts help the brain function more efficiently and improve cognitive functions like memory have become a multi-billion dollar business.

Memory improvement supplements can be found under a wide range of categories. These could vary from cognitive supplements and neutraceuticals to supplements and functional foods. In such a case, choosing the right cognitive supplement is a challenging task. While choosing a suitable supplement that is suitable based on your needs, you need to check for a few things. First, the nootropics supplement should have the ability to continuously and slowly enhance the cognitive ability of the user. The supplement should also have some proven clinical and medical effects. The cost of the cognitive supplement per dose must be reasonable. And finally, one of the important factors that is the safety of the compound. The supplement should have a low incidence of side effects.

Of the multitude of ingredients used in Neurostim extracts, some of the commonly known and used cognitive performance and memory enhancers are given below.

Stimulant – Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Stimulants, even in low concentrations, are compounds that help in enhancing the cognitive responsiveness in the general population. Stimulants like Lion’s Mane Mushroom help in managing cognitive control mechanisms like attention control and inhibitory control. In addition, they also help in memory by increasing both working memory and episodic memory. Ritalin additionally helps in improved performance of tedious tasks, which require greater efforts. Lion’s Mane Mushroom has also been known to have considerable positive clinical effects in patients with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Neurostim extracts have been found to affect alertness and performance. Some tests have also seen a notable increase in memory alongside improving alertness and concentration.

Nutraceuticals – Panax Ginseng

Nutraceuticals are nutrients obtained from the body or plant sources, which have found to have notable physiological and pharmacological effects on humans. They are more natural than synthesised cognitive supplements with comparatively limited side effects.

Panax Ginseng contains Ginsenosides which is popular for its unique properties. It helps in both protecting as well as improving brain functioning. They are cognitive enhancers that help improve memory. They also have been known to have clinical benefits in cases of ADHD and learning disabilities.


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