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Forskolin Extract – Safety, Side Effects, Review, Health Benefit, Dose and Dosage

Forskolin is an ancient ayurvedic herb that has been used for its medicinal purpose for many centuries now. It is used as a medicinal herb to treat many disorders like heart disease, respiratory disorders and hypothyroidism. In 1970, researchers found many other usage of this herb to treat other symptoms and conditions in a human body. Many companies have come up with brand names offering Forskolin extracts as their main ingredient or as pure extract.

Supplement facts –

Forskolin extract contains 100 mgs and it is standardised to contain 10% of Forskolin in every 10 mgs capsules.

Forskolin Coleus

Used for weight loss –

A study was conducted in 2005, where 30 obese men were subjected to take Forskolin for 12 weeks. This study was carried out to study the effects of Forskolin on the body of an obese man. After 12 weeks of study, Forskolin shows positive effects on the subject’s body by reducing fat mass and body fat percentage. There were also visible effects of increasing lean body mass.

An oral ingestion of 250 mg of 10% Forskolin taken twice a day for 12 weeks continuously has also shown positive results on bone mass and also producing serum free testosterone levels in obese and overweight men.

Used for weight loss

Some of the commonly experienced benefits –

  • Aggregation inhibitor
  • Helps in relaxing vascular muscles
  • Helps in decreasing intraocular pressure experienced due to glaucoma
  • It has anti allergy potential
  • Helps in the treatment of advanced cancer stage
  • Mood alleviator
  • Helps in reducing blood pressure
  • Helps in boosting libido in the body

Forskolin extracts

Dosage –

Even though it is 100% natural and has minimal and no side effects, proper attention has to be paid to the dosage. Forskolin is available in the form of pills and liquids in variety of doses. Most commonly available –

  • 50 mg of coleus forskohlii herbal extract – 9 mg of Forskolin
  • 125 mg of coleus forskohlii herbal extract – 12.5 mg of Forskolin

According to researchers, the dosage of Forskolin depends on the usage and the level of density needed to treat or help with the condition. Coleus forskohlii extract is available in various compositions like 10%, 18% and 20% Forskolin. It is still not determined, which is the best dosage to use.

Measuring tape around slim beautiful waist.

Other medicinal usage –

Forskolin extracts are useful for many other medicinal purposes like for treating allergies, asthma, advanced stage of cancer, sex related problems for men, stomachache, indigestion, gastric issues, glaucoma, heart and breathing problems and also hypertension.

It helps in reducing all these symptoms and because of its plus point of being 100% natural, it does not have any major side effects involved.

Possible side effects –

Even though it is 100% natural and there is very less percentage of possibility of any side effects. However, there has to be a slight chance of danger in any medicine there is, some of the rare side effects are mentioned below:-

  • Bleeding disorders
  • Increase in cholesterol and blood pressure levels

These symptoms are unlikely to happen, but in case it happens it should immediately be checked with a doctor and take necessary measures.

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