Steroids bring mixed feelings for different kind of people. If it is especially Androgenic Anabolic Steroid, everyone thinks in the negative connotation. However, they do have some useful functions apart from their medical use. When it comes to bodybuilders and athletes, the term Metandienone brings smiles all around. This is an anabolic steroid and a derivative of testosterone, commonly known in the trade circles as Dbol or Dianabol. There are other common names for the drug based on their legitimacy or underground nature.

Use of Dbol

Dbol activates and binds to Androgen receptors in the body to work its magic. This increases the nitrogen retention quality of the blood. Since nitrogen is a prerequisite for protein synthesis, this greatly increases muscle growth by way of increased protein availability. More muscle gives more strength for bodybuilders and greatly enhances the stamina of the athletes. To get dry gains on dbol effectively one has to follow the dosage and recommended dietary habits.

It’s a wonderful drug, no doubt about that but relying on Dbol alone won’t do the magic. One needs a strong base to build on, dbol will accelerate that growth. Common factors which influence how much the drug can effectively work are age, weight and height, female or male, diet and metabolism, muscle & fat ratio and hereditary. One needs to start at an early stage to get dry gains of dbol and should be in their teenage with 3-4 years of gym work. For them, dbol gives the best results and for the rest, a mediocre to modest result.

Understanding the Side Effects

This drug is manufactured in oral for due to its less toxic effect on the body. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it has no side effects. Like all steroids, this too has some notable effects. Since the drug acts in the liver, damages may occur if used for a prolonged time. Other common side effects include testicular atrophy which may affect sperm count, motility and production, virility in women which may alter menstrual cycle, deeper voice, unwanted hair growth like that in men, kidney malfunction and heart conditions which may include arrhythmia, fibrillation or hert attack. Despite the side effects, one can get gains from dbolby following the dosage and cycle limits and a good dietary food supplement program.

Safety Rules!

There are always methods to use a drug safely by keeping to the recommendations and avoid side effects by taking extra medications. To gain a 20lb growth, one needs to take about 3 capsules per day after food, preferably after 45min. A full cycle constitutes 2 months of tablets. After the first cycle, the full effects of the drug have run its course and no more gains will be made by continuing the cycle. Women who are pregnant or planning to be pregnant should not take the drug at any cost as this may affect the fetal growth. Those women who are breastfeeding should also avoid this drug. Following a doctor’s advice, one can get dry gains of dbol without much of the side effects.


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