Handling Stress during CAT Preparation

The Common Admission Test (CAT) is one of the most competitive and sought-after exams in India. The CAT score is a prerequisite for MBA aspirants to get entry into the prestigious IIMs and other elite B-schools in the country. For many candidates, stress is a necessary evil that comes during the preparation stage. Handling pressure and stress is the main characteristic of would-be managers. Students, who are not able to cope with stress, cannot crack the exam.

The CAT exam tests the ability of a candidate on how he/she uses his/her knowledge resource and combine it with time management to ace the exam and handle performance pressure. Whether you’re a working professional or a final year student, stress will knock your head during CAT prep. So, irrespective of your current status, you need to handle the pressure and focus totally on preparation.

Impact of stress on the CAT exam

With stress in your mind you can never do well in any work, this is a well known fact. Efficiency of stressed persons goes down significantly. CAT is a mental game which checks your knowledge, skills, speed and the ability to handle pressure. Being nervous can never help. Nervousness and stress lead to depression. In depression you forget everything. And you cannot afford to forget all important things after practicing so much for the exam. 

How to de-stress yourself during CAT prep?

  • Take regular breaks: It has been found in a research that students who do CAT preparation without taking regular breaks tend to forget things. Breaks taken at regular intervals help you to freshen up your mind and give it the power to retain everything.
  • Make realistic targets: You cannot achieve 100 percentile by practicing overnight. It is important for you to map down your strengths and weaknesses and work on them accordingly. By getting an accurate picture of your weak points and strong areas, you can set realistic targets.
  • Eat well, sleep well and keep self-created stress away: You need to eat properly and get proper sleep in order to keep your body engine going. Your body needs more energy because of the mental activities during your CAT preparation. Don’t compromise with sleeping hours if you want to keep the stress away and maximise your performance.


You can actually make it to the IIMs by coping up with your stress and develop knowledge and hone skills by practicing a lot before the exam. About two lakhs of students are busy preparing for CAT 2015 exam. You can beat everyone if only you have confidence on yourself. You can directly fall on ground if you allow stress and pressure to engulf you. Confidence is the key to reach the seventh sky!

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