Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

health benefits of massage therapy

Human beings have been benefitting from massage therapy since ancient times. Even in the olden times, people have been using the massage techniques in one or the other way to get rid of physical pain or mental stress. Various herbs or herbal oils have been used as part of massage therapy for quick and long lasting results.

Even in today’s era of modern living, efficacy of massage therapy Calgary is quite evident and it is helping us for a healthy and stress free life.

massage therapy

Chiropractic Massage Therapy

With a view to experience the best results for improving one’s health, combining chiropractic care with the clinical massage therapy Calgary will be helpful to a greater extent. Blending these two techniques provides long lasting pain relief/management, slower the aging or degeneration process, help better sleep, strengthens the immune systems, improves the abilities of athletes, enhance the energy levels and overall well being. Healthy nerve system has a great role on one’s health and general well being. Thus improving the efficiency of the nervous system through appropriate massage therapies would be really helpful for a healthy living.

Actually, it is the nerve system that controls the functions of various organs of the human body. Like, these are the nerve impulses that tell our body parts to perform their intended functions (like heartbeat, sweating, breathing, itching, etc.) Hence, a combination of chiropractic care and massage therapy will ease the pressure and hardness of the nerves and will improve the flow of nerve impulses. Consequently, you will feel comfortable and relaxed, particularly your muscles will be in good health.

Here are the few salient health benefits of massage therapy.

Boosting the Immune System:

Massage therapy is really helpful for boosting the immune system. If our immune system is strong enough, we will have strong resistance to common diseases and will be enjoying a healthy living. Cortisol is a type of a hormone that effects the white blood cells badly. This hormone is released when we are under stress and hurts our white blood cells. Since the white blood cells protect our immune system, hence any harm to white blood cells will disturb or weaken our immune system. Interestingly, massage therapy reduces the release of cortisol, hence beneficial for boosting the immune system and preventing the illness or sickness.

Enjoy Better Sleep:

Massage therapy will enable you to enjoy peaceful and better sleep. Actually, massage therapy increases the delta waves and releases the serotonin and dopamine that results in more deep asleep. If you would have enjoyed a proper sleep the whole night, you will be performing well at your workplace and would be able to interact with your family and friends in a much better way.

Improve your Athletic Performance:

Massage therapy Calgary enhances the flexibility of muscles and will enable you to use your full range of motion to compete with full devotion without risk of injuries.

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