Ridge gourd is a dark green vegetable with a slightly rough and textured peel with ridges justifying the name and a white spongy pulp. It is commonly known as turai or tori in Hindi which is mostly dreaded by children due to their bland taste. However, you can make some lip smacking dishes by coring them and stuffing them with fiery filings, making them into curries or turaikisabzi flavoured with zesty spices to compensate for its blandness as it is excellent in absorbing flavours due to its spongy texture. You can find different interesting and tasteful recipes online or in cook books or magazines. Turai is not only cheap and quick to cook but also has a ton of health benefits. Here are a few –

  1. Weight loss

Ridge gourd is abundant in dietary fibre while being very low in carbohydrate and fat. Fibres take quite some time to get absorbed by the body so they stay in your stomach for a long time cutting down all the hunger craving which is the main culprit in the way of fat loss.

  1. Cooling for the body

Ridge gourd is rich in mineral which has an alkaline effect on the body which reduces acidity thereby, having a cooling effect on the body. It also helps with heart burns and in reducing the burning sensation while urinating. Ridge gourd is recognized as a coolant for the body even by Ayurveda.

  1. Controls Diabetes

Ridge gourd is an amazing vegetable for those suffering from high blood sugar as it is very low in sugar content and calories. Moreover, it is hypoglycaemic and hence helps in the controlling the blood sugar levels, thereby keeping diabetes in check. So, diabetic patients can enjoy this vegetable without a worry that it might spike their blood sugar levels.

  1. Prevents hairfall and premature greying of hair

A concoction of coconut oil when boiled with dried ridge gourd makes a great therapy oil for people fighting with premature graying of hair as well a hair fall. The pigments and minerals in ridge gourd help in strengthening hair from its roots and also restore the pigment loss in graying hair.

  1. Cure for cough and cold

Ridge gourd is a storehouse of Vitamin C which strengthens the immune system which in turn helps in fighting off cold and flu viruses. So, the next time, you get cold; rely on this vegetable to cure it.

  1. Glowing skin

Ridge gourd is not only rich in antioxidants, which help in detoxification of the blood and fighting of free radicals in the body, butit also cures acne, breakouts and brings a glow to the skin. Try to include this vegetable in your diet if you want glowing skin and a healthy body.

  1. Cure for constipation

Since ridge gourd is rich in dietary fibre as discussed earlier, it adds body to the stool and helps in bowel movement which is how it is great for people who are suffering from constipation.


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