Weight Loss

Home Made Remedies For Weight Loss

weight loss

Weight loss is nothing but  removingof excess fat from the body, the weight depends or is proportional  to height. The fat content in body exceeds the normal values when it turns to over weight,  this sort of condition occurs when you consume more quantity of unhealthy food, beverages or junk item without any workout or burning energy and that accumulation of fat in the body leads to obese or obesity and the obesity is determined by measuring body mass index in person and BMI is considered on desires the desire to be an  obese it should be more than 30 and there is lack of peoples who is facing with obesity and its been so problematic for every lifestyle. An authentic sources of dietryfibres can reduce your weight to a large extent.

weight loss

The main cause of overweight or obese:-

  • .Eating processed which is high in fat or junk food
  • Overeating of food portion
  • Lack of sleep and physical activity
  • Consuming alcohol and genetic disorder
  • Stress, depression and tension
  • Unhealthy diet or inactivity
  • At last hormonal imbalance.

The symptoms of obesity or overweight:-

There are no particular symptoms, but leads to following problems

  • Difficult Intake of oxygen or breathe
  • Diabetes, Depression
  • Liver diseases, Cancer
  • GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease)
  • High blood pressure , Cholesterol
  • Joint pain, backache
  • It also leads to stroke.

It is important to opt some of the healthylifestyle to face type of problems  and the best way to come with is problems are home remedies, It won’t direct help you magically it quite take some time or effort but it is so much effective and very good for the health.

Some of the home remedies such as follows:-

Green Tea:-

It is a powerful and natural antioxidant, which helps in weight loss or reduces appetite from the body , It helps to slow down and limitation in weight loss and increases body’s ability to lose fat.

  • Drinking green tea atleasttwo to three cups daily helps to burn fat or calories from the body and air improves our metabolism and it combat with obesity in our body
  • Green tea is packed with nutrients like zinc, vitamin C, chromium and other minerals
  • Green tea is much affective or beneficent with ginger and without sugar.

Apple Cider VInegar:-

It is the most and popular home remedy  to reduce the excess fat from the body and it is being so benefit for mostly used and helps in weight loss

  • Drink daily three times a day to see a good and effective result
  • It needs to drink before breakfast with a glass of water

Lemon juice and honey:-

Lemon juice is the best and mostly used home remedy and it fight battles to reduce weight loss from the body, It helps in digestion, and control the body weight it helps to remove toxins from the body and it burns to reduce fat from the body

One glass of lukewarm water with one to two teaspoons of honey and lemon and a pinch of black pepper is the finest way and natural way for weight loss.

If you follow these methods regularly, then you can see a significant loss of weight.

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