Take A Break Not A Breakdown

The summer solstice has passed and the longest day of the year is a memory. As impossible as it seems, we are now heading back toward shorter days.  Hope the build up to summer was fun.  There’s still lots to look forward to this season, and working out to the max is a pursuit you should continue year-round. While the benefits of clenbuterol are sure to be debated for the foreseeable future, there’s still a growing trend to use the drug for weight loss because of its propensity to burn off fat and leave muscle intact.  Theories on when to take it and how much vary, with a general consensus on 20mcg per day with a gradual rise to somewhere between 60mcg to 80mcg at the max.  As always, consult your trainers for advice before starting.  You’ll hear numbers as high as 80 – 160 thrown about, but it’s generally agreed that men should never exceed 200mcg per day.  Of course, there is always someone willing to push the boundaries – but that’s a story for a later post. And for women, it’s still in the 10mcg to 40mcg range.

So enjoy the rest of the summer, spend lots of time with family and friends and stay focused on your goals.  Speaking of tracking progress, many people are going low tech and finding apps that they feel are doing just as good a job as a tracking device to manage and collect data related to their fitness programs.  A study conducted recently followed people who wore wearable devices and also carried smartphones loaded with apps that tracked their progress as they walked.  After comparing the actual steps taken to those recorded by each device, they found only a small variance between the phone apps and the wearables.  Like the recent cell phone commercial says, if it’s within a 1% difference, that’s pretty good.  Actually it was higher than that, more like .3 to .6, but given the prevalence of cheap and free apps you can choose one and still be this close to a Fitbit

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