Taking the Proform 120 Recumbent Cycle for a Spin

Let’s face it, not everyone can make the investment of both time and money to be in a gym especially if one has to juggle work or studies at the same time. That is precisely why the home gym equipment is such a lucrative industry and it is also no coincidence that recumbent exercise bikes are one of the most highly sought after equipment. Recumbent bikes provide for a better and more comfortable exercise experience compared to regular upright bikes.

Recumbent bikes like the Proform 120 Recumbent Cycle, are simply exercise bicycles that position the rider in a laid-back and chilled-out position like how you would sit on a comfy couch or sofa. Space-wise a recumbent bike takes up almost as much floor space as would a regular upright bike but functions in the exact same way, by being stationary and having its rider push against resistance mechanisms built into the machine.

Weight distribution on the Proform 120 Recumbent Cycle is much better as the design allows you plenty of room to shift your weight and it comes with ample buttocks support. A regular upright bike only has as much space as the seat would allow and will normally place a lot of stress on your wrists and backbone. If ridden on an upright bike for long periods of time, riders will begin experiencing discomfort which is why recumbent bikes are in such high demand. Thanks to the ability to shift your weight around, you ensure that you can go longer on the bike without feeling any types of pain, discomfort or sores.

Go the extra mile

People come in all shapes and sizes and each individual will have their own reasons to exercise. For people who are overweight, it is much more comfortable and safer to start out their exercise on a recumbent bike first due to its extra weight support and user-friendly capabilities. Exercising can be tough but there’s simply no reason why one should not at least try to make the experience a smooth one by opting for a more comfortable piece of equipment to work with. The less pain you feel, the more likely you are to keep at it.

This isn’t to say that you won’t feel any type of fatigue or sores by exercising on recumbent bikes like the Proform 120 Recumbent Cycle as it is just as efficient in delivering a workout like a regular upright bike could. What it does is it provides a safer environment for you to work with and this means reduced risks of injuries occurring from factors like lack of support, smaller floor space for weight distribution and many more.

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