The Benefits of Plastic Surgery


Plastic Surgery. The phrase conjures to mind all sorts of negative connotations such as the aging matriarch with the stretched back, tight face; or the silicon-loaded, empty headed, blonde bimbo. But plastic surgery can be, and often is, so much more than that. There are numerous benefits to cosmetic surgery that are often over looked or ignored in favor of negative stereotypes perpetuated by society. This article will attempt to elaborate on three broad areas that recipients plastic surgery can benefit from; Physical, mental, and social.

Physical Benefits

The first is the physical gain of plastic surgery. Primarily, this would be the health benefits. Not all cosmetic procedures can provide actual benefit to your health, but there are plenty that can. Certain rhinoplasty surgeries can help with breathing problems such as snoring or a sinus issues. Liposuction has obvious benefits of merit as obesity is one of the leading causes of major health problems in America. Breast reduction procedures fall under the category of plastic surgery and can alleviate back problems. Eyesight can be improved by removing excess skin and wrinkles around the eyelids. A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) can tighten abdominal muscles. These are just a few examples, but are often ignored when the topic of plastic surgery arises.

Mental Benefits

Self-esteem is the foundation on which all of us build our lives, and without it, our lives suffer in every aspect. Cosmetic procedures can alleviate those nagging doubts about our appearance, and help people focus that mental energy directed toward doubt and self-consciousness, towards more productive avenues. It can also help those that have been disfigured by birth or circumstances of fate to feel normal once again through the use of reconstructive surgery. Be it a cleft palate or a nose flattened by domestic abuse, the repair of the outside can truly help with the scars left on the inside.

Social Benefits.

It is a stark and ugly truth about our society is that we are very appearance focused. Beautiful people are afforded more opportunities and benefits than those of average looks in both the personal and professional arena. Studies have proven this time and time again. While we can debate what this means about ourselves as a society, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking advantage of this fact; especially when factoring in the physical and mental benefits above. It’s simply a matter of making yourself the person you want to be, both on the inside and the outside.

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