Tips on Meditation for Beginners

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You might have heard people talking about the benefits of meditation. Some people think that meditation is primarily an eastern concept. Well, to be honest, meditation has existed in almost every culture but it has differed in its form. No matter what form you practice, the ultimate goal of meditation is to control the mind and focus it on one point. As someone practices meditation more and more, he/she is able to transform this technique into his everyday life and is able to focus better on tasks at hand. This is the reason why so many people praise meditation as it not only enlightens the body and the mind but it also results in increased productivity of an individual. There are lots of advantages to knowing how to meditate for beginners, such as learning how to keep focused attention on one object.

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For someone who is new to the concept of meditation, it can be a bit difficult to meditate without the expert guidance and knowledge of a trained guru. Through this article we will try to scale down the level of difficulty by giving you some simple but very useful tips that you can apply in order to meditate effectively.

  • Start with the basics:

During the last decade, there has been a huge surge in the interest of people towards yoga and meditation. As a result, a parallel online market has grown out of nowhere. You can easily get all the material you need from these websites. The problem is that most of the times people end up buying something that they do not understand and don’t have the necessary expertise to practice it. You should always start with the most basic teaching guide. Don’t jump from one stage to another as meditation is a progressive process in which you learn as you follow through the techniques. If you decide to do it yourself then make sure that you have the right material for beginners, else it’s better to get some help from a trained person.

  • Start with an alert mind:

The ultimate goal of every meditation technique is to enlighten the mind. You can’t do that if you are under the effect of some substance. So before you start meditating, make sure that there is no alcohol or any other psychotic drug in your system that can decrease your alertness.

Some people also advice that it’s better if beginners meditate on an empty stomach as the process of digestion is often distracting.

  • Quit smoking:

Meditating effectively is highly dependent on the rhythm of breathing. Perhaps this is the reason why almost every meditating technique tends to control the process of breathing. Smoking will have a negative impact on your capability to breathe effectively and hence it will make it difficult for you to meditate.

  • Accept that you can’t hit the bulls eye in one shot:

Some people who try meditation, often complaint that they didn’t experienced any positive effects. Please understand that meditation techniques are complex and require a lot of practice. Don’t expect results overnight. You must realize that you are a beginner and it might take some time for you to realize its positive effects.

Mike Yap is a long time martial artist turned Yoga instructor. Ever since birth, he’s had a strong passion for technology and stretching his mind and body to their limits. He lives in Vancouver, Canada and is currently working on his website Sound of Om. Check out his iPhone alarm clock.