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Tooth Extraction

In the maximum cases, the dentist extraction is not done as the dentist always try to save a tooth despite damage or decay, solving whatever problem you may be suffering from with a filling, crown, or other dental procedure. However, in some cases the only recourse is to remove the tooth especially in case of emergency tooth extraction. The tooth extraction cost may vary from doctor to doctor and also from hospitals to private clinics.  Some might take around $50 while some might even charge $350.

Dental extraction generally comes in two basic types – simple and surgical. What type of extraction is needed will depend on the situation and how to fix it. Some might require wisdom teeth extraction while at extreme cases, emergency tooth extraction no insurance are also done. An extraction is normally when-

  • The teeth’s are severely broken or fractured,
  • When you have severely decayed teeth,
  • If you have impacted wisdom teeth,
  • During crowding.

Simple Tooth Extraction

If your tooth hasn’t been broken that much and is visible in the mouth, then a simple extraction will be sufficient. The procedure only requires local anesthetic, as well as anti-anxiety drugs depending on the patient.

The steps taken are fairly quick, as your dentist will grip and loosen your tooth with forceps before pulling it out. In some cases the dentist may need to insert a dental elevator between your tooth and gum so as to loosen the tooth.

When the tooth extraction is over, you are required to follow some steps for a quick recovery. Have the medications prescribed by your dentist exactly as directed and don’t eat solid foods for several hours afterward. Try to avoid chewing on that side of your mouth for a full day as if the food gets inside the extraction site, then it can cause complications like dry socket. If you rinse your mouth with salt water on your jaw, then it will help keep your mouth to remain healthy and control pain.

Surgical Tooth Extraction

In some cases, the tooth cannot be seen in the mouth due to breakage or simply it doesn’t come (as in the case with many people’s wisdom teeth), then your dentist will have to perform a surgical tooth extraction. The procedure will include local or general anesthesia depending on the particulars of your case.

The dentist will cut and pull back the gums in order to access the remaining tooth. In some cases the tooth is needed to be cut into pieces to be removed. It’s very essential to follow aftercare instructions after a surgical tooth extraction, in order to reduce your risk of complications. The proper care after a surgical tooth extraction will include avoiding smoking or eating hard foods, changing your gauze pads often, keeping your mouth clean by washing with salt water, and relaxing. It’s also very important to take it easy and you need to remember to keep your head elevated to reduce bleeding. Implement those for a safe and happy extraction.

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