Top 7 Reasons Why Patients Prefer Herbal or Ayurvedic Medicine


Herbs and traditional style of medicines are known for its slow but life long results.Many people completely rely on the Ayurvedic medicines for their treatment of various illnesses. Some concerns like hair fall, weight loss and weight gain are the main concerns of people today and they don’t really wish to spend huge amounts on medicines that even give side effects.

The Ayurvedic market today is full of weight gain herbal supplementsand weight loss herbal supplements, for people who need it according to their requirements.Below are the top reasons why people prefer herbs rather than any other chemical based medicines:

  1. The origin:

The origin of these medicines has been known for ages and the results are proven. These medicines have cured many acute illnesses and have guaranteed that they will not risk the re-occurrence. The history speaks a deep knowledge about these medicines and its usage by the Ancient Chinese, Greek, Indian, Egyptian, Native American and Africans.

  1. Active and guaranteed results:

Ayurveda has given successful results to cure many illnesses with no side effects. If you would consider weight gain herbal supplements or hair loss herbal supplements, these have gained a huge demand in the past few years, without any promotions or marketing campaigns on the same.

  1. Zero ads to promote reliability:

These medicines need no ads or publicity. They tend to provide you good results and perform good reliable source of accuracy. The majority of these herbs has limited or no side effects at all. These companies need no promotion and no ads on the air. This makes the medicine and the herbs more cheaper.

  1. Cost effective:

Due to the rising number of illnesses, the majority of the pharma companies increase their price of the medicines. This becomes expensive for the patients to get treated timely. On the other hand, the Ayurveda herbs are natural, and available in bulk by the Mother Nature. This is the best advantage of buying Ayurvedic medicines, as they are cheaper comparatively. These medicines are known by all, due to its simple to understand the ingredients. Thus, the Ayurveda companies need no investment on the lab tests or approval.

  1. No or few side effects:

As explained earlier, these medicines are nature based and thus have no or very limited side effects. One of the reasons maybe because of less chemicals or no chemicals used, in order to make these very mild.  Side effects may include, depression, anxiety, headache, weakness giddiness, diarrhea, etc.These do not occur in case of Ayurveda medicines.

  1. One medicine, many benefits:

One herbal medicine does not necessarily cures just one particular disease or illness;rather, it cures more than one weakness. For instance; if you consumehairloss supplements, they will not only help in the growth of the hair, but will also bring back the strength and shine of your hair.

  1. Digestive problems:

There are many health concerns, for which people don’t prefer to visit the doctor to take strong medicines. These minor issues could be related to the digestive problem, bowel function, hair loss, weight loss, acidity etc.People rely on the Ayurveda for such remedies as the medicines are effective and does not require any antibiotics with them.

There are many more reasons that make the Ayurveda a special subject to deal with. You may find various other benefits on the web for these Herbs. Many people often make these medicines by themselves at home to cure natural andminor illnesses such as cough, cold, tonsils, piles etc.

About the Author:

Grace Genny is a pharmacist who writes various articles about the benefits of Ayurveda, in the world of medicine.Her recent article about the benefits of weight gain herbal supplements, have raised the bar of herbal and Ayurvedic products.

About the author

Grace Genny

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