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Treadmill vs. Elliptical for plantar fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis, also known as Plantar Fascia is a feeling of itchiness or inflammation in the thick tissue located at the bottom of our foot that connects our heels and toes. There are many causes behind planter fasciitis such as flat foot, overweight, excessive running, improper footwear or very high arches. To reduce the pain of plantar fascia, one can switch their exercising from running or walking on treadmill machines to working out or jogging on elliptical machines. It is important for you to know which of these machines,is a better choice for you so that you do not develop this problem or do not make it worst, if you already have. Given below is a detailed comparison between treadmill and elliptical machines for plantar fasciitis:

Using elliptical machine while having plantar fasciitis:

Elliptical machines are well known for cardio exercises and are most popular equipment that probably every gym or a fitness center has. If you suffer from plantar fascia then elliptical is a better option as compared to treadmill because elliptical has lesser impact than treadmill. Also, working out on elliptical, only 32% of your body is engaged in the workout procedure, compared to 50% on treadmill. This means, lesser body weight is being applied on your foot and hence the problem of plantar fasciitis does not exaggerate further. Thus even doctors advise elliptical machines over treadmill machines for plantar fascia because they have low impact on feet and also put less pressure on legs while working out. You can go here to learn more about ellipticals.

Using treadmill while having plantar fasciitis:

As mentioned earlier, treadmill has a lower hand if you wish to exercise with a problem of plantar fasciitis. Due to its high impact technology, people generally experience an inflammation in their foot and hence their problem may exaggerate. It is also advised that while you are on treadmill or elliptical, always go for anti-pronation running shoes as these help in avoiding the pronation in your feet and you may therefore feel comfortable while working out.

When it comes to safety issues while working out with plantar fasciitis, treadmill is considered to be better than elliptical because the incidents of falling, knee injuries, and muscle pull or bare foot inflammations are lesser in treadmill machines than in elliptical machines. You can select a good quality machine like horizon treadmill to give you complete comfort and support.

If you do not have an option of exercising on elliptical machines and you suffer from the problem of plantar fascia, make sure to keep your spine straight, center your weight and do not lean on the hand rails.

Both the machines have their advantages and disadvantages. Concluding the above comparison, elliptical machines are considered better than treadmill machines for the people with a problem of plantar fasciitis because of the following reasons:

  • Elliptical have lower impact
  • Puts less pressure on our feet
  • Bears body weight
  • Induces less itching and inflammations in the thick tissue