The 21st century has seen a number of advances in the field of medicine, which led to significant strides in research, treatment of diseases, and improvement in drug quality. It is necessary for physicians and doctors to keep themselves abreast with the advancements in medical field to deliver the highest possible standard of treatment to patients and also maintain a flourishing practice.

To serve this purpose, live CME (Continuing Medical Education) conferences are organized. Medical practitioners, nurses, and all types of healthcare providers are provided knowledge regarding the latest medical advancements in such gatherings. Doctors and other professionals related to the healthcare industry are also provided an interactive platform to know more about new skills and technology, on a first-hand basis.

Similarly, it is imperative for pediatricians treating children affected with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) to continue educating themselves of the latest developments in the field of neuro-developmental disorders.

Live Pediatrics CME conferences, such as MAPS Spring 2018 medical conference, are a great platform for doctors to continue their medical education. However, the benefits of attending a live CME conference goes beyond the expansion of knowledge. Let us have a look as to why pediatricians need to take advantage of attending quality CME conferences.

Live CME Conferences: Why Is It Necessary For Pediatricians To Take Part In These Events?

Many opt to attend live conferences to get a more hands-on experience from the stalwarts of their field. Here are six reasons as to why a pediatrician should attend a live CME conference.

  1. Filling Up the Gaps:

Attending live pediatrics CME conferences assists the doctors to improve their knowledge in their areas of expertize and other related fields of medicine. The conferences help in plugging in the knowledge gap so that doctors can give better care to patients. Live discussions also help in self-assessment and let medical practitioners realize their weaknesses and strengths.

  1. Insight Into Peer Perspective:

While attending CME conferences, healthcare providers and medical practitioners get a chance to interact with their peers and seniors belonging to the same profession, and get their opinion and insight on various topics. Face-to-face impromptu conversations are not only a way of relaxation but many a time turn out to be valuable life-lessons.

“There’s still a role for live meetings because they provide networking, interacting with experts and being able to ask about the subtleties among clinical colleagues,” says Todd Dorman, MD, and associate dean of the Department of Continuing Medical Education at John Hopkins University School of Medicine.

These interactions also assist doctors to share their pent-up stress and problems with people who are capable of understanding the issue perfectly and can offer a solution for the same.

  1. Introduction To New Approaches and Ideas For Treatment:

Medicine is constantly evolving and it is truly difficult to keep up with all the new information that is coming to the fore. While some of these discoveries are mentioned in the news, most of the developments go unnoticed. As a result, pediatricians and all doctors alike are stuck on routine treatment procedures for quite some time. Live CME conferences often function like alerts and bring the doctors up to speed with the new treatment ideas and approaches that are being adopted in the industry. Apart from these, a live conversation with established peers also provides pediatricians with new ideas to improve patient care and knowledge.

For instance, eminent medical expert Susan Swedo, from National Institute of Health, will be presenting the keynote on PANS and PANDAS, at the live pediatric CME conference to be organized by MAPS, in Spring 2018. Tanya Murphy from University of Southern Florida Rothmans Center for Pediatric Neurodiversity and Madeleine Cunningham from University of Oklahoma Health & Sciences, will also be joining Swedo in the conference to talk about this disorder and innovative ways of treating this illness.

  1. Creating A Beneficial Practice Network:

Conferences are a perfect place to catch up with old colleagues and connecting with new people from the same profession. Live pediatrics CME conferences offer many opportunities during and after expert sessions to meet and talk to other medical professionals hailing from and outside the U.S. Apart from an expert session and keynote addresses, these sudden face-to-face conversations are an excellent means to get updates on current changes in treatments and changing pattern of disease demographics.

  1. Audience Interactions:

Live audience interactions are a key highlight of live CME conferences. Presence of an interactive audience not only enables feedback but also provides doctors a chance to clear their doubts first hand. This interaction helps in facilitating a conversation which is utmost necessary for better understanding of a new procedure, a treatment method, or the topic of discussion. For instance, MAPS Spring 2018 CME conference will be conducting a special session on advanced clinical cases for pediatricians treating children suffering from ASD and other related issues. Such case studies and problem based learning in an interactive environment solves many underlying issues, doctors face on a daily basis.

  1. Information on New or Altered Regulations:

Medicine is constantly progressing which renders many old regulations obsolete or requires modifications in the same. Many a times, doctors remain ignorant of such changes. Even if they read up on these altered or new guidelines, there still remains a chance of getting confused and not understanding the core ideology of the mandate. Live CME conferences explain these new changes in details and inform the doctors as to how they can prepare for them.

Final Takeaway:

Live pediatrics CME conferences are an excellent place to connect and gain additional knowledge. While many such conferences take place all year round, one must choose carefully as to which one to attend. It is better to avoid the cheaper ones as the topics discussed might not be of any value to the attendees. It is recommended to choose CME conferences organized by medical associations, as they offer valuable topics for discussion. Therefore, step out of your daily routine and attend these live events to enhance your knowledge base and skill set.


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