A lot of people got confused when looking for research chemicals they are redirected to web-sites with so called ‘legal powders’. So we have been asked to clarify this term and entire situation a lot by our readers. We tried to be as comprehensible as possible while developing and writing this feature. And now we can faithfuly claim that after reading this article you will know everything you needed to know and got a full review on legal powders. And you will also find out about legal powder forums.

So, what is legal powder? Legal powder is another name for research chemicals, also known as bath salts or designer drugs or party pills as well. Legal powder is not the same as the research chemicals but very alike. You may say legal powder originated from research chemicals from a more closely related field of research, where scientific teams are looking to extract specific effects from an already existing and psychoactive substance. For example, first Cocaine was designed for medical usage but his side effects like strong stimulating, euphoric and addictive potential (simply put everything for what it is honored in certain circles) made it unsuitable for this. Eventually after a lot of tries and mistakes scientists appeared to be able to devise Lidocaine, which is a widely used anesthetic, on the basis of Cocaine. But in between there was another attempt to find a strong anesthetic agent which led to emergence of Dimethocaine. Dimethocaine is a research chemical that has 10-30 % potency of Cocaine and still saves its numbing effect. For a quite long time it wasn’t forbidden by drug law so it has conquered its own market. And that is the exact example and probably the pattern of how legal powder originates and what it inherently is.

In process of time legal powders has become extremely popular in certain circles and has taken a solid niche in the market of research chemicals. That is why nowadays you can find a lot of legal powder forums where you can figure out everything you wanted to know about certain substance: the common usage doses, the preferable routes of administration, positive and negative effects etc. You can also read legal powder reviews from people who have already tried this or that agent , so called ‘trip reports’ there. It is possible to comment on legal powder review and ask some questions to get in the detail. So that you can get well prepared and practically know what to expect from your own trip, except for the probable peculiarities of your body’s reaction.

These legal powders are not always so legal in every state. So in case you decided to get involved with it, you should necessarily check the drug law of your country. This topic is quite popular among those who is involved so that is why there is a big chance you can get this information from legal powder review at legal powder forums as well.

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