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Will Using Soy Protein Increase Muscle Growth?

It was recently discovered that adding soy protein to a whey and casein supplement is beneficial for the routine of a bodybuilder since it increases protein power anabolic response. This is definitely something beneficial for every single athlete that is interested in growing muscle mass. While soy is rarely considered by professionals since not enough studies were done, you may want to consider a change in your nutrition plan.

Fast And Slow Absorption Protein Supplementation

Research is clear about this. It was often highlighted how the combination of casein protein (slow digesting) and whey protein (fast digesting) in a post workout protein shake can prolong and boost the anabolic response of the human body. When you only consider the consumption of whey protein, you are limiting your results.

We cannot deny the fact that whey is really great as it is a very rich source of the BCAAs that you need. It is the fastest of all the proteins when referring to digesting but consuming only whey protein supplements can easily be too fast and lead towards not maximizing muscle growth as the body does not receive what it needs for the long run.

Adding Soy Protein To The Mix

Whey protein has that really fast digestion rate while casein brings in the slow digestion. Soy can be seen as somewhere in the middle. When you combine all three proteins, you basically offer the body a blend that will keep sustaining protein synthesis for a really long period of time, from the moment you consume the shake. The only problem is that we do not currently have conclusive evidence of this. However, there is no side effect that is associated with adding soy protein to the whey-casein combo that you should regularly use for muscle mass building effects.

Soy Protein And Its Effects

Because of the digestive speed offered, soy protein will maintain steady amino flow towards the muscles. At the same time, other benefits will be gained since the effectiveness of the dairy proteins will be increased when referring to muscle growth promotion. It was mentioned and sustained by some nutritionists that soy protein is not as great in promoting muscle mass growth as proteins from dairy. However, studies were only conducted on animals and there are no human trials to highlight this.

The Soy Protein Warning

We are sure that you already looked online for information about different types of protein. If so, you probably came across articles that highlight problems associated with soy protein. There are claims that it will lower testosterone and increase estrogen.

Keep in mind that all these claims are perpetuated only by a few studies that were not that properly conducted. If you look closer, you will notice that the reputable specialists will never say that soy can alter testosterone concentrations. However, this does not actually mean that soy should be taken alone. It is a little expensive to purchase all three protein supplement types so you will want to consider the combination of whey protein and casein protein as the priority.

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